Pallet collars are an excellent way to transport and store goods in. Besides they have long life and are good for our environment.

With a pallet, pallet collars and a plywood-lid on the top you have a complete packing with very good strength.

When you don't use the collars they can easily be folded and packed. The sides of the collars are of planed wood and the hinges of galvanized sheet metal. The thickness is 20 mm and the width 195 mm. The hinges can have the thickness of 1.25, 1.5 or 2.0 mm. We produce pallet collars in all different sizes but the main part are the sizes 1200x800 and 800x600.

We can print logotype or other motif on two or four sides.

A logotype on the collar is good and inexpensive marketing.

The collars are packed on EUR-pallet, onway-pallet or just two blocks. Maximum 105 collars on each pallet.

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